Recycled Glass Rocks(L)

  • Yellow glass rocks
  • Yellow glass rocks
  • Yellow glass rocks
Yellow glass rocksYellow glass rocksYellow glass rocks

Yellow glass rocks

  • Product Id: ER1012
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: various
  • Colors may change, Should be conifrmed by final pictures
  • Product description: Yellow glass rocks, yellow rock glass

Product Description

Name: Yellow glass rocks for decoration, landscaping, fireplace etc..

Material: Melt production

Color: Yellow

Size: 6-9mm,9-12mm,3-10cm,5-10cm, 10~20cm or customized;

Packing: Woven bags, tonbags, Non fumigation pallets or crates all available;

Weight: 1~1.25 M.T./Bag.Case; About 24 M.T./20' x 1

The size and packing can be made upon your request

Application area: Landscape, Fireplace, Firepit, Pool, Garden etc.