• Clear glass stones
Clear glass stones

Clear glass stones

  • Product Id: CES1011
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: 1.5*3*4cm
  • Product description: Searching for recycled glass for decoration in your home or office? Shop for Clear glass stones or Clear Cullet here at lowest prices.

Product Description

Name: Clear glass stones for decoration, landscaping, fireplace etc..

Material: made from recycled material

Color: Clear

Size: 1.5*3*4cm;

Packing: Woven bags, tonbags, Non fumigation pallets or crates all available;

Weight: 1~1.25 M.T./Bag.Case; About 24 M.T./20' x 1

The size and packing can be made upon your request

Application area: Landscape, Pool, Garden etc.


Are you looking for recycled glass can help you with the best decoration in your home or office? Well, for your project, you will easily get many options online, at the most affordable prices and with the fastest delivery.

For having the best glasses, you should consider professional service provider as over there you can easily find many options and at the same time get great assistance where pros will be determining how many bags you will need for your project. Just let them know what exactly you are up to, and based on your requirements, you can have ultimate suggestions will give you mind-blowing look and experience. Whether it is all about your garden decoration, fireplace, planters or anything else, Clear Cullet or the colorful cullet will be the best option. At the right source, you will get glass rocks of different shapes and sizes and they are not only affordable and high quality, but they're incredibly beautiful.

Such great products will help you to attain any kind of look you want anytime, hence go for it and enjoy it the most. With glossy and shiny finishes, these ultimate glass fillers will always catch the light and sparkle. You can use the same in any manner and they will look the best always. Spill them off to any corner or use in a creative manner, will always enhance the beauty of your space. Try out the right source online and get ready to find unlimited and so amazing decorative glass rocks or cullets are perfect for glass mosaic pieces, DIY jewellery projects, vase fillers, table decorations, fish tank decoration and more. Combine them together and you will find them so good and attractive will make your space looks the best. So, try it out in any of your project and have great results.