Recycled Glass Rocks(L)

  • Light blue glass rocks
Light blue glass rocks

Light blue glass rocks

  • Product Id: ER1002
  • Color: light blue B, turquoise
  • Size: various
  • *Light blue B is a bit darker than light blue A
  • Product description: Shop for Blue Glass Rocks, gabion glass rocks, Light blue glass rocks used for decoration, landscaping, fireplace etc.. at lowest prices online.

Product Description

Name: turquoise glass rocks for decoration, landscaping, fireplace etc..

Material: Recycled

Color: Light Blue B(Light blue B is a bit darker than light blue A)

Size: 6-9mm,9-12mm,3-10cm,5-10cm,5-15cm,10-20cm,10-30cm or customized;

Packing: Woven bags, tonbags, Non fumigation pallets or crates all available;

Weight: 1~1.25 M.T./Bag.Case; About 24 M.T./20' x 1

The size and packing can be made upon your request

Application area: Landscape, Fireplace, Firepit, Pool, Garden etc.


Do you want the best chunks can help you with the best home decoration? Well, now you can easily able to buy everything online anytime and by paying a less amount. When it comes to decor anything from home to garden, aquarium, fireplace, planter or anything else, you must go with the best glass chunks and check the effects.

For effective look and feel, forget all and go with the Gabion Glass, which is the best of all and will surely meet all your requirements. If you’re looking for a way to make your landscape design really cool, notable and amazing just by spending less, this is a kind of glass you should definitely buy. For ultimate help and support, you better go with the gabion glass to add visual appeal to your indoor to outdoor space. Don’t know anything about Gabion Glass Chunks? Well, this glass can be used in so many different ways and they look the best while decorating the space. Try it out anywhere from a retaining wall or outdoor fireplace, or as a decorative path in your plant beds or anywhere else will provide you a complete look.

Gabion Glass Rocks are not only the best for home decoration, but at the same time businesses can use the same to add a new look to yards, patios and garden landscaping. If you haven’t tried it out before, you must go for it and it will surely create delightful and inviting spaces and for that, you are not required to spend a lot.

For quick and effective gabion supply, consider the suggested source will provide you lots of options so that you can pick anything you want within your budget. Apart from this, you should know that Gabion Rocks are eco-friendly and long-lasting products that will continue to look great, year after year.