About our website and products:

Why it’s named “ECOGLASS”:
Glass rocks are the main products of us. Since the glass rocks are made of the slag material of the glass industry, it’s the best way to make full use of the waste products and convert them to useful products which can change the color of our enviroment. Furthermore, during the processing of the glass rocks, it never polluet the enviroment. That’s why we named this project “ECOGLASS”.

Glass rocks:
The glass rocks are made by big slag glass rocks. As colorful glass rocks looks very nice, they can used for many areas such as landscaping, gardening, glass gabion, fire place and fire pit etc. It can be used as colored stone.

Fire glass
Fire glass mentioned in our website is the glass grits used for gas fire places and fire pits to make nice performance of the fire. Fire glass can be made by the crushed the big slag glass rocks of different colors which is recycled from the glass factory. And also Fire glass can be made by breaking the 5~10mm thick flat tempered glass or coated tempered glass to small grits and shift out the different sizes. Both crushed glass rocks/grits and tempered glass can resist high temperature and will never melt, burn or discolor in a fireplace or fire pit.

Size of the glass:
Different usage require different size of glass. Generally decorative glass require the 5~10cm, 5~15cm, 10~30cm.. glass rocks, but fire glass need 6~9mm, 9~12mm and 1~3cm size glass. For landscaping, they also need much bigger or huge glass rocks for glass gabion or something else.

If you need these products please find:
Decorative glass rocks @ http://www.ecoglass.cn/glassrocks.html
Firepit glass rocks @ http://www.ecoglass.cn/glassrocks.html
Tempered Fire glass @ http://www.ecoglass.cn/temperedglass.html
Glass beads @ http://www.ecoglass.cn/glassstones.html
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